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About our Pads

Palesa Pads are high-quality, reusable cloth sanitary pads made in South Africa. They are more comfortable than disposable pads and can be worn for longer with no odour and fewer menstrual cramps due to the absence of toxic chemicals. They are leak-free, easy to wash and come with a quality guarantee of 5 years.

Benefits of using cloth pads

Better for your body

Our pads have none of the toxic chemicals that aggravate menstrual cramps, or that cause the rashes or skin irritations women often get when using single-use pads

Better for your budget

Our pads last for up to 5 years, which means you spend less than 20% of the cost of disposable pads

Better for the environment

Every Palesa Pad used keeps 200 single use plastic items out of the environment

Better for your confidence

We use a specially designed PUL waterproof fabric to ensure that our pads can capably hold your flow and never leak. Cloth pads also don’t smell. The smell associated with your period is because of the chemical reaction between the blood and the chlorine, bleach, dioxins etc. that are found in disposable pads.

What our customers say

Switched to Palesa Pads from tampons and now there is no turning back. Superbly made, comfortable to wear, no leaks, no odour, no stains, but most importantly… no pain. Wash and care is simple and discreet. I'm impressed.

Lyndsay Lennox

I can honestly say I am NEVER switching back to disposable pads. I am also impressed by how easy and quick they are to wash and dry. I absolutely love how it feels. Super comfortable and soft when you wear them, they fit securely. 10x better than disposables. Highly recommend Palesa Pads. Amazing product!!

Akira Malthoo

I'm using it exclusively, even when on a camping holiday. Once used, you fold it making use of the clips and that ensures it doesn't soil your other clothes. Easy to clean, wash and rinse. So glad my footprint is less with this product.

E Holtzhausen

I bought these, was very skeptical but wanted to give it a try. Best decision I have made. They are more comfortable than normal pads. Buttons are such a brilliant idea not only to secure the pad but to close it up if you need to change one and are not home. This will save me tons of money as well as the environment most importantly.

Landz M

This is an excellent product. It's made very well too. Super comfortable and easy to wash. Has made my decision of switching over from disposables an easy and enjoyable experience.

Proxie Penumbra

Palesa pads are the best. I always used normal pads but since I started using Palesa pads I felt more comfortable. I had no more fears for leakage stains because this pads absorbs and leave you feeling comfortable and fresh without rashes or infection. I would recommend this pads a million times to anyone. You also have no odour. Leaving you feeling fresh and the bonus of Palesa pads are it's easy to use and easy to clean. Thank you for the best product and for helping us to feel more comfortable when we're having our period and have to go out.

Cherilee Deysel
female led team

Here for a purpose

Our pads are suitable for girls and women from all walks of life. Through the Palesa Pads Foundation NPC we also partner with corporate sponsors, individuals and non-profit organisations to provide FREE reusable sanitary pads to disadvantaged schoolgirls.

We envision a world where sanitary pad waste is a thing of the past. We do all we can to bring affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly solutions to every woman.

As a registered NPC and public benefit organisation we can provide tax-deductible Section 18A Certificates.

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New to the cloth pad revolution?

You're not alone! We have extensive FAQs and videos in English, Zulu, Setswana and Afrikaans to answer all your questions and make you feel secure.

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